Boards & Committees

Ambulance and Fire Committee
Rachelle Miller – Chair                                                                  Bob Porth
Robin Lawson

Civic Committee
Kellie Ferrell – Chair                                                                    Kyle Richards
Jesse Gonzalez

Cemetery Committee
Joe Garrett – Chair
Kellie Ferrell
Stephen Eyrich

Finance Committee
Bob Porth – Chair
Robin Lawson
Stephen Eyrich 

Citizens Advisory Committee
April Jones – Chair
Derek Highfill – Vice Chair
Chris Inman
Sara Furrow
Rodney Ramos
Mike Ferrell                                                                          Deloris Baker
Heather Moore
Shala Mills
Jeanette Andre
Denise Scharlach                                                                      Dale McCord
Kris Kellerhals
Jary Archer
Bill McGee
Kathy Murphy                                                                            Ron Ponto  
Jammie Wilson

Parks Committee
Kyle Richards – Chair
Joe Garrett
Rachelle Miller

Police Committee
Robin Lawson – Chair
Joe Garrett
Jesse Gonzalez

Street and Alley Committee
Jesse Gonzalez – Chair
Rachelle Miller
Kyle Richards

Water and Sewer Committee
Stephen Eyrich – Chair
Bob Porth
Kellie Ferrell

Police Commission
Alex Houmes – Chair
Mark Wagoner
Bill Goodwine

Police Pension Board
Quentin Morgan – President
Anthony Linares – Vice President
Bob Porth – Secretary
Steve Bane – Assistant Secretary
Edye Bookwalter – Treasurer                                              Robin Lawson – Trustee   

 Planning Commission and Zoning Board
Cody Moore – Chair
Shawn Swartzentruber
Charlene Ervin
Eric Zorns
Chris Newman
Lealoni Gress