Boards & Committees

Ambulance and Fire Committee
Tim Scharlach – Chair                                                                  Michael Ferrell
Robin Lawson

Civic Committee
Kellie Ferrell – Chair                                                                    Nicole Van Hyfte
Tim Scharlach

Cemetery Committee
Joe Garrett – Chair
Kellie Ferrell
Nicole Van Hyfte

Finance Committee
Bob Porth – Chair
Robin Lawson
Stephen Eyrich 

Citizens Advisory Committee
April Jones – Chair
Chris Inman
Heather Moore
Jeanette Andre

Planning Commission and Zoning Board
Cody Moore – Chair
Shawn Swartzentruber
Charlene Ervin
Eric Zorns
Chris Newman
Lealoni Gress 
Jammie Wilson
Gerald Miller
Bill McGee
Suzanne Lambert
Rita Carter   

Parks Committee
Nicole Van Hyfte – Chair
Joe Garrett
Michael Ferrell

Police Committee
Robin Lawson – Chair
Stephen Eyrich
Tim Scharlach

Street and Alley Committee
Michael Ferrell – Chair
Bob Porth
Joe Garrett

Water and Sewer Committee
Stephen Eyrich – Chair
Bob Porth
Kellie Ferrell

Police Commission
Alex Houmes – Chair
Mark Wagoner
Bill Goodwine

Police Pension Board
Quentin Morgan – President
Anthony Linares – Vice President
Bob Porth – Secretary
Steve Bane – Assistant Secretary
Yolanda Woods – Treasurer                                                  Robin Lawson – Trustee