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  • The City of Hoopeston is accepting applications for seasonal help.

Please access link above for application.  If you have questions, call 217-283-5833.


Pool Manager/ Assistant Manager 

Job Description 

The City of Hoopeston has immediate openings for temporary summer positions of:   Public Pool Manager and Assistant Public Pool Manager to oversee the efficient and effective use of the Hoopeston Public Swimming Pool and Splash Pad  located in McFerren Park. 

The manager will report to the Parks and Recreation Alderman and work closely with the Hoopeston Water Department.  

The manager will be responsible for all duties related to the daily safe operation of the swimming pool. The assistant manager will perform these duties in the absence of the manager, or those duties delegated by the manager to the assistant manager. This includes but is not limited to: scheduling and supervising employees;  hiring and training new staff;  supervising lifeguards, inspecting equipment, daily water testing, supervision of concession employees,  public relations, and supervising facilities and pool rules to ensure the safety of pool and splashpad patrons.  During busy hours the manager/assistant managers will also walk around the pool areas to enforce pool rules and policies and provide increased supervision of the public and staff.  Administrative duties include  developing programs and services to the public to increase pool use; selling and distributing pool passes; maintaining supplies for the pool, splashpad,  and concessions;  documenting the number of daily visitors; requesting repairs or service; developing new safety policies to ensure the safe use of the facilities.  

Duties and Responsibilities-  

  • Manage staff and staff schedules (lifeguards, concessions, front desk) 
  • Hire and train new staff in daily duties. (Certification in safety for personnel will be provided by trained American Red Cross Instructors)  
  • Oversee lifeguards 
  • Inspect facilities for repairs and maintenance, conduct daily review of chemical balance of the pool 
  • Keep accurate records of visitors, finances, and pool passes 
  • Report problems and request service calls from the Hoopeston Water Department 
  • Close the pool ONLY when inclement weather mandates the closing due to lightning or for a pool safety/physical plant condition. 
  • A management handbook will be provided for further details and support 

    Requirements and Qualifications 

  • A high school diploma or equivalent 
  • Drug testing and background check 
  • 21 years old (for each year of experience as a lifeguard the age requirement may be reduced, with a minimum age of 18 required) 
  • 2 years of experience in supervisory roles 
  • Current CPR, First Aid, and AED certifications 
  • Positive communication skills, problem-solving skills, organizational skills and a desire to work with the public (of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds)  

    Wage and benefits will be discussed at the time of interview.  


    If interested in this position, apply online at this website.  Or, applicants may apply in person at the Hoopeston City Hall.  





Lifeguard Job Description

The City of Hoopeston has immediate openings for temporary summer positions of:   Lifeguard.   The primary duty of a lifeguard is to ensure the safety of visitors to the Hoopeston Public Swimming Pool and Splash Pad  located in McFerren Park. 

Lifeguards report directly to the manager and assistant manager.  

Lifeguards ensure swimmer safety.   In this role, lifeguards enforce safety rules, monitor the water for danger, and rescue swimmers. They also conduct CPR on swimmers who have inhaled water and maintain records of incidents that occur at the pool.  Lifeguards must  pay excellent attention to their surroundings, and strong swimming skills are a necessity. 

Lifeguard Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversee Swimmer Safety through swimmer supervision and enforcement of pool rules and regulations 
  • Conduct Rescue Operations for in distress swimmers following water safety safety training guidelines.  
  • Support pool activities organized  in and around the pool or splash pad including pool parties, lessons, and community events.  
  • Perform maintenance and upkeep in and around the pool and splash pad   
  • Perform other duties as required by the manager.


Requirements and Qualifications 

  • Drug testing and background check 
  • Minimum of 15 years old (with youth work permit) 
  • Current CPR, First Aid, and AED certifications 
  • Able to work a minimum 15 hours per week  
  • Swimming – observation skills – attention to detail –Emergency response skills – if a swimmer is in danger, lifeguards need to calmly assess the situation and make critical decisions to provide assistance, so strong judgment and response skills are necessary 
  • Communication skills – lifeguards need to effectively communicate with visitors and other lifeguards, so strong verbal communication skills are another requirement


 Wage and benefits will be discussed at the time of interview.  

If interested in this position, apply online at this website.  Or, you may apply in person at the Hoopeston City Hall.  



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To apply for a police officer position with the Hoopeston Police Department, please download the required forms below:  Police Application, Police Officer Power Test, Information Release, and Information Release Page.  Email all forms to admin@hoopestonpolice.org.  Questions, please call:  217-283-5196


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