Street and Alley

  1. What can we do with yard waste? The City of Hoopeston offers an alley clean-up once in the spring starting in late April or early May, and once in the fall, usually in late October. The dates vary for this depending on weather. The dates will be announced at least one week prior to the start of clean-up. This is for yard waste only, no landscape timbers, blocks, fencing or concrete will be taken. If any of these materials are in with the leaves, brush, or limbs the pile will not be picked up. Please do not tie or bundle sticks or limbs with rope or wire. Illinois EPA has strict guidelines on what we are able to dispose of.
  2. What if we do not make the alley cleanup schedule? We also offer the city residents access to the city “Slab” located south on Route 1, across from Birkey’s. This again is for yard waste only. Hours for the “slab” are Monday – Friday 7:30am to 3pm. Saturday hours start at 7:30a until 11:30am. Currently we are keeping it open extended hours if there is no illegal dumping. However, any EPA violations because of illegal dumping they will require the city to shut down all access for residents.
  3. Who should I call if I think a tree on the City parkway is dead or diseased? If a tree is in poor condition and would like it considered for removal, residents need to contact the City Administration office at 283-5833. The Street and Alley Department will evaluate the condition of the tree and schedule maintenance activity as time and resources are available. To be considered for removal, the tree must be diseased, dead or a safety hazard. The city will not remove healthy trees from the city parkway.
  4. What can we do with leaves in the fall? The City does have a leaf collection program. Announcements will be made in the fall prior to the beginning of leaf pick up so residents will know when leaf vacuuming will start. Please place leaves on the parkway parallel to the street behind the curb or edge of the pavement. Do not place in the street or in gutter. This will obstruct the flow of storm water runoff during rain events and cause street flooding. Do not include any debris, such as garden material or waste like cans, bottles, etc. For leaves to be collected during the allotted time, do not put in yard waste bags or place in alley. The collection equipment cannot navigate the alley ways. There is a very small window of opportunity to collect leaves from the time they fall and winter begins. Once the leaves are covered with snow the leaf vac cannot collect the leaves.

Download Tree Permit (pdf)
Download Firewood Release Waiver (pdf)


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