Water and Sewer


Notice #1
Effective April 10, 2017, according to the new guidelines set by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, the City of Hoopeston Water Department will be increasing the amount of chlorine added to the water for the treatment and disinfection of water supplied to Hoopeston residents. (Posted March 28, 2017)

Notice #2
The City of Hoopeston Water Department is accepting sealed bids for a 2003 Chevrolet 4 Wheel Drive Pickup Truck. The truck can be viewed in the alley by the water treatment plant, 420 W Penn St., near the water tower. Bid specs are available at City Hall, 301 W Main St. Sealed bids are due at City Hall on Friday, March 31, 2023 by 10:00 AM and will be opened at 10:00 AM on Friday, March 31, 2023 at City Hall. You may contact City Hall at 217-283-5833 with any questions. The City of Hoopeston reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

BID SPECS: Bids must be in a sealed envelope with “Chevy Truck Bid” being the only thing written on the outside of the envelope. All bids must include the price and the bidders name, address, phone number, and email address.

• 2003 Chevy Pickup
• 4 Wheel Drive
• 5.3 Liter V-8 Engine
• 4L80E Auto Transmission
• 112,108 miles
• Plastic Bed Liner
• Comes with Tool Box
• Open for Inspection


1. There is water bubbling in my yard or street. What should I do?
Bubbling or pooling water can indicate a service line leak or a water main break. Contact the Water Office at 217-283-5631 between 7am and 4pm, Monday through Friday. If this occurs after hours, call the non-emergency Police Department number at 217-283-5196.

2. How does the water meter get read?
The City of Hoopeston uses a vehicle reading system for reading meters with radio. This system has been in use for the last 12 years. Each meter has a “chip” that communicates to a laptop computer and the information is sent to and from the data collection system for billing. Right now, we are in the process of performing regular maintenance on the meters so you may see a Water Department employee in the meter well.

3. I am experiencing low water pressure in my home. What should I do?
There are occasions where the screens inside your faucets have sediment that gathers in them. These screens can be replaced or rinsed and then re-installed. If the problem persists, please contact the Water Office at 217-283-5631 between 7am and 4pm, Monday through Friday.

4. What would cause a sewer gas smell to come up from my drain?
When a drain becomes dry, sewer odors can enter the residence. If you are experiencing sewer odors in your home, check your basement or utility room floor drain, pour water into drain. Also, regular maintenance should be done on your home’s water heater according to the operating manual.

5. Where does our City water come from?
The City’s water supply is taken from an unconsolidated sand and gravel aquifer named the Mahomet River Valley (TEAYS) Aquifer. This aquifer is approximately forty feet in thickness and has a surficial geologic susceptibility (permeability) rating of AX, alluvial sand and gravel sediments. The aquifer is overlain by shallow thin alluvial sediments with moderate to high permeability and thicker deposits of glacial till with low permeability. Examination of well log indicates that glacial till extends to a depth averaging about sixty-three feet below the ground surface. Normal ground water flow is estimated to be from North to South to the North Fork of the Vermilion River. Static water levels in the wells range from thirty-two to thirty-eight feet below the ground surface.

6. I am moving to Hoopeston and would like to set up service. Where do I call?
The City of Hoopeston provides water, sewer and garbage for our residents. Please contact the Water Office at 217-283-5631 between 7am and 4pm, Monday through Friday, for questions about establishing service. Download the Water Service Activation Form. Bring the completed form with you along with a photo ID to the administration office located at 301 West Main Street. Deposits are required for all rental properties.

7. Why do I notice some discoloration in the water during summer months?
The City of Hoopeston will flush hydrants through-out the community, on Fridays during the summer months as part of an ongoing maintenance program. This is to improve the overall quality of water by cleaning the water mains of rust and corrosion and to ensure that fire hydrants are in working order. Residents are urged, if possible, to refrain from doing laundry during this time period. Water is safe to drink but residents are encouraged to let faucets run for a short period of time if they notice any discoloration.

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